Sunday, February 3, 2008

More pictures soon

Sorry there haven't been any pictures in 8 days.  This past week, there has been good progress, but not much that is picture worthy.  The ground level was covered in gravel, then in an impermeable plastic layer - in preparation for the concrete slab being poured on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  There has also been a lot of good plumbing and drainage work done as well, but you all don't want to see yet another picture of copper piping inside a wall or PVC piping coming out of one.   There is going to be a sump pump installed since the water table is relatively close to the surface (better safe than sorry).  I'll also be making a decision on kitchen cabinets by this time next week at the hopefully latest.  Also on the kitchen flooring - definitely Marmoleum but still deciding on the color.  More later.

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