Friday, March 28, 2008

...and floors after

Varnished floor!, originally uploaded by berkeleygal77.

My floors are sanded and varnished!!! Second coat goes on tomorrow. They're very purty!

SMALL REVISION/COMMENT BY ME: the floors will not always be spit-shine shiny.  This is a picture of them while the varnish/finish is wet.  HOWEVER, if you want to come over and slide around in socks, I'm game!  This is, as far as I can tell, the original douglas fir flooring!  From close to 100 years ago!  This sort of old flooring put in brand new these days is unaffordable, so I'm glad we could resuscitate the existing floor.  All thanks to the sanding/flooring guy Leo and his partner who didn't speak English.  Maybe I should learn Chinese?  Or do they speak Vietnamese?  I didn't hear them, so...  the carpenter is Laotian, so that's another one to learn...

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Aaron said...

Wow! The shine! Gorgeous!